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Updates of WallStreet Forex Robots are available

May 20, 2022

We are happy to inform you that we have updated all of our WallStreet Forex Robots (WallStreet Forex Robot 3.0, WallStreet ASIA, WallStreet Recovery PRO, WallStreet GOLD Trader and WallStreet CRYPTO).

We have added some new parameters and we have fixed a small bug. Below you can read more about the new changes:

1. We have added a parameter called MaxSpreadExit

The parameter is used to control closing the trades and avoid closing the trades when the current spread is greater than MaxSpreadExit value. For example if you set MaxSpreadExit=5 the EA will close the trades only when spread is equal or lower than 5 pips. This could be useful in the periods of high impact news and from 00:00 to 00:59 o'clock when the spreads could be higher than usual.

This parameter has value 0 (zero) by default which means it is disabled. If you want to use it then you can set a value greater than 0 (zero).

NOTE: We have not added the MaxSpreadExit parameter only on WallStreet CRYPTO!

2. We have added two additional parameters as follow:

LongTrades: true/false to enable/disable the long trades
ShortTrades: true/false to enable/disable the short trades

These two parameters will allow traders to choose whether to trade both Longs & Shorts or only one of them.

3. We have fixed a small bug in WallStreet Recovery PRO related to the authentication process when the UseCustomPair is enabled.

The new versions are available for downloading in the member area.

If you have any questions about the new versions don't hesitate to comment below or to contact us.

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