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WallStreet GOLD Trader - Best GOLD Trading System

WallStreet GOLD Trader is one of the bonus forex robots from the official package of WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution. You will get this bonus forex robot for FREE after you purchase WallStreet 2.0 Evolution. Click here to buy it now.

WallStreet GOLD Trader was developed as a bonus forex robot for all WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution's users. It has been used the trading principle of the original WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution and it has been apadted for trading in GOLD(XAUUSD). The test results looks very promising and we belive that WallStreet GOLD Trader will provide consistent long-term profits.

It is important to mark here that some brokers offer very disadvantageous spreads in XAUUSD, sometimes even greater thatn 20 cents. WallStret GOLD Trader works best with spreads less than 3 cents, which is normal for most of the reputable ECN brokers.

We have performed 99.99% quality REAL tick tests with real spreads which are consistent with the M1 open price only backtests. You also can use the M1 open price only back-testing method with confidence. The main WallStreet GOLD Trader settings are identical with WallStreet 2.0 Evolution settings, that explained in the user guide. We suggest you to not set risk greater than AutoMM=5, which is about 0.05 lots at $1000 account equity. We recommend you to perform a backtest with your account balance and desired AutoMM value, before using the automatic money management function(AutoMM>0). This is essential because some brokers are using different lots sizes for XAUUSD, which normally should be 100 000 ounces per lot. In case, you have questions do not hesitate to contact us!

What you should be aware of when using WallStreet ASIA on a real-money account:

WallStreet GOLD Trader Back Test Results

We have prepared backtests for WallStreet GOLD Trade. You can check them. We have done backtests with fixed spreads and variable spreads. The back tests are done with real tick data.

WallStreet GOLD Trader GMT Offset Set Up

When you enable News Filter for using with this forex robot it is very important to set up GMT Offset. You can read more here How to set correct GMT Offset. Due to time differences between the trading sessions and brokers. Our forex robot, WallStreet GOLD Trader, is developed to trade during all the trading session. Here are the parameters of the robot:

  • AutoGMT_Offset - if you leave this parameter TRUE then the robot will try to find the correct GMT Offset of your broker automatically. In case, your time zone of your computer is wrong then the automatic GMT Offset detection system may fail and you have to change Auto_GMT=FALSE and to use Manual GMT Offset
  • ManualGMT_Offset - here you have to set the Winter GMT Offset of your broker. We have to repeat: The Winter GMT Offset!! It does not matter whether your broker changes its GMT Offset during summer time. If you are not sure what is your broker's Winter GMT Offset then you have to contact your broker and ask them.
  • DST_Usage - there could have brokers who changes GMT Offset and who does not change. In case, your broker change its GMT Offset during summer/winter time you have to set TRUE for this parameter. But if your broker always has one same GMT Offset during the whole year then set FALSE. It is very important parameter and you have to pay attention for this. Do not forget to ask your broker and get confirmation about it

WallStreet GOLD Trader Recommendations

  • This EA is developed to work only on GOLD(XAUUSD)
  • Recommended settings - We suggest you to use the default settings as they provide the most stable performance.
  • Recommended risk - We recommend using a reasonable risk between 1% to 5%. If you plan to increase the risk then we strongly recommend you to do back-test with the balance you have, in order to find out what could be the results.
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