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WallStreet ASIA - Best Asian Scalper

WallStreet ASIA is one of the bonus forex robots from the official package of WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution. You will get this bonus forex robot for FREE after you purchase WallStreet 2.0 Evolution. Click here to buy it now.

WallStreet ASIA was developed after many requests from our clients. The Asian session scalping performance is limited by the brokers' conditions, therefore it is not recommended using WallStreet ASIA on brokers with high spreads during the Asian session. In addition, we do not recommend the usage of WallStreet ASIA by people who are not familiar with the specifics of this type of trading.

The expert advisor comes in two versions: a regular and a simple one. When you install the EA, you will notice "WallStreet_ASIA_Evo_vX.X" and WallStreet_ASIA_Evo_vX.X_Simple" under the Expert advisors section. The first EA is the "regular" version, while the second one is the "simple" one. Both EAs are the same!! The only difference is that the "simple" version has fewer parameters - the purpose of this is to ease some customers who are new to currency forex trading. Do NOT use both versions at the same time! Use only the one which is more suitable for you.

What you should be aware of when using WallStreet ASIA on a real-money account:

  • The performance of all Asian session scalpers depends on the spreads and the order execution by brokers. The best choice would be ECN brokers with tight spreads, fast order execution and good reputation.
  • If you use WallStreet ASIA on a real account more than a month without success, you'd better cancel operation and try to find a broker with better trading conditions during the Asian trading session.

WallStreet ASIA works on M15 time frame only! Supported currency pairs and recommended spreads during the Asian trading session:

  • GBPUSD (spreads below 3 pips)
  • USDJPY (spreads below 2 pips)
  • GBPCAD (spreads below 8 pips)
  • GBPCHF (spreads below 8 pips)
  • EURGBP (spreads below 4 pips)
  • EURCHF (spreads below 3 pips)
  • USDCAD (spreads below 3 pips)
  • USDCHF (spreads below 3 pips)

WallStreet ASIA Back Test Results

We have prepared backtests for WallStreet ASIA. You can check them. We have done backtests for multiple currency pairs.

WallStreet ASIA GMT Offset Set Up

Around the globe there are different trading session times. Some trading sessions start trading during the Asian session other during European session. Some of them may not trade during these sessions. This depends on the specific trading hours.

Our forex robot, WallStreet ASIA, is developed to trade during the Asian session, therefore it is really important to make it has correct GMT Offset set up. You can read more here How to set correct GMT Offset.

GMT means Greenwich Mean Timealso called Coordinated Universal Time, shortly UTC. The differentce in time between local time and GMT(UTC) is called GMT Offset.

GMT offset is really important because of the different location of the brokers around the world. As you know, the brokers may locate in different countries and they have their own GMT Offset times. For example some brokers may have +3 GMT Offset and some of them may have GMT +1. Therefore, it is essential to set correct GMT Offset in the forex robot's settings. If you miss that the robot may not be able to detect the correct time while trading, when to start/stop trading. Therefore, this will affect their performances negatively.

Our forex robot has parameter which is called Calculate_DST. We have developed this parameter to calculate the daylight saving time(DST), which is the practice of advancing clocks during the summer months by one hour so that evening daylight lasts an hour longer. Basically, the regions with summer time adjust clocks forward one hour in the last week of March and adjust them backward in the last week of October to standard time. Most of the cases, expert advisors change thier GMT Offset during summer and as a result it is also important to know that and set it correctly in the settings.

For WallStreet ASIA Evo the time is very important factor. If you set wrong GMT offset then the results could be unexpected. Please read the instructions below:

  • Auto_GMT - if you leave this parameter TRUE then the robot will try to find the correct GMT Offset of your broker automatically. In case, your time zone of your computer is wrong then the automatic GMT Offset detection system will fail and you have to change Auto_GMT=FALSE and to use Manual GMT Offset
  • Manual_GMT_Offset - here you have to set the Winter GMT Offset of your broker. We have to repeat: The Winter GMT Offset!! It does not matter whether your broker changes its GMT Offset during summer time. If you are not sure what is your broker's Winter GMT Offset then you have to contact your broker and ask them.
  • IMPORTANT: in versions of WallStreet ASIA Evo below 1.2 you have to set in Manual_GMT_Offset parameter always the current GMT offset of your broker. If it is summer then you have to set summer GMT offset, if it is winter then you have to set the winter GMT offset of your broker. In version 1.2 we have changed this and you have to set always the winter GMT offset!
  • Calculate_DST - there could have brokers who changes GMT Offset and who does not change. In case, your broker change its GMT Offset during summer/winter time you have to set TRUE for this parameter. But if your broker always has one same GMT Offset during the whole year then set FALSE. It is very important parameter and you have to pay attention for this. Do not forget to ask your broker and get confirmation about it

WallStreet ASIA Recommendations

  • The robot supports the following pairs GBPUSD, USDJPY, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, EURGBP, EURCHF, USDCAD and USDCHF. You are free to trade on the supported pairs at your own discretion.
  • Recommended settings - We suggest you to use the default settings as they provide most stable performance.
  • Recommended risk - We recommend using a reasonable risk between 1% to 5%, which means 0.1-0.5 lots per 10.000 account, or 0.01-0.05 lots per 1000 account. As well you can use “AutoMM”=2 to 5%. However, if you want to try how lucky you are, AutoMM between 10% and 15% is risky, but potentially could be very profitable.

WallStreet ASIA MaxDailyRange Recommended values

  • GBPUSD: MaxDailyRange = 35
  • USDJPY: MaxDailyRange = 75
  • EURCHF: MaxDailyRange = 35
  • GBPCHF: MaxDailyRange = 55
  • GBPCAD: MaxDailyRange = 85
  • EURGBP: MaxDailyRange = 5
  • In case that you don't want to use this parameter you can disable it by setting some big value such as MaxDailyRange=1000.
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